Everything you need to know about maternity clothes

First and foremost, congratulations! It’s going to be an amazing journey, but it’s also going to throw at you a lot of doubts and questions. Most of them are about your changing body, your physical changes, hormonal changes. Let’s dive into how we can navigate this phase.

Your first trimester of pregnancy is going to be uneventful as far as your body is concerned. There are going to be no outward changes and you will find that you fit into most of your pre-pregnancy clothes with ease. It’s the second trimester when you start showing your bump that the thought of maternity clothes comes up.

Maternity clothes are a great way to show your changing body off, and they can make all the difference during your pregnancy. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get the best maternity wear: comfort and style! In this article, we’ll cover everything from where to buy maternity clothing; what features you should accentuate; how much of a capsule collection you need and how often you should be wearing it; and more!

Embracing the change

If you’re pregnant, embrace your changing body. You’ll feel more comfortable, be happier and have a better time during those first few months of pregnancy.

While some people accept the changes with ease, for some moms its more of a learning curve to be accepting of the change. Your body is doing something amazing, and the little miracle is going to change things forever.

Pregnancy is going to change things, physically and mentally, be prepared. Talk to people who can help, if this feeling is disorienting you. Talk to your medical care provider, your family, your tribe. You are all in this together.

Take time for self-care which can make all the difference. Sometimes, shopping therapy also helps immensely, which is why this is the right time to buy those cute dresses you have been eyeing.

Buy Items That Grow With You

When it comes to maternity clothes, you want to buy things that will grow with your body. The dress should ideally be extendable to use post pregnancy for nursing needs too. If you want to buy one, consider what other items will be worn with it and whether or not they would work together well. For example: if you’re wearing a maternity dress with a shrug, then the shrug can be teamed with leggings and a top later too as a nursing cover.

Dressing the Bump

There’s no one way to dress the bump, so it’s best to experiment.

Choose fabrics which are breathable and allow for movement. They should be stretchy enough to accommodate the growing bump. They should be breathable and airy so that they allow for proper circulation and don’t get you overheated.

Silhouettes which elongate your upper body works well. So choosing dresses with V-necks, button down shirt dress, A-line dresses, Empire waist dress, wrap dresses work well.

Style the bump

You’re going to want to accentuate your features while pregnant. If you have a big bump, wear tops that show it off! Choose fabrics that drape the bump aesthetically.

If there is one thing every woman needs during pregnancy it’s accessorizing! The right jewelry can make even the most mundane tasks seem special and fun—like getting dressed every morning (or afternoon). Make sure all of your jewelry pieces are comfortable enough for these new body parts; otherwise they may end up being uncomfortable if worn too long or get tangled up in awkward positions while sleeping at night.

Choosing comfort

You will be wearing maternity clothes for a long time, so it’s important to pick something that is comfortable and looks good. Comfort is key, but still look good.

Maternity clothes are meant to help you feel more confident and comfortable while you’re pregnant. They aren’t just a way to style your bump; they can also help with other issues like back pain or sore feet! But there are some things you should keep in mind:

Comfort: The more comfortable your clothing is, the more likely it will be worn (and worn often). So make sure that whatever choice of clothing works best for YOU in terms of comfort level is chosen first before anything else (and don’t forget about accessories).

Style: Fashionable trends come and go quickly—keep an eye out for interesting styles from past seasons but pay attention not only when these styles come back but also when new ones get released!

Comfort for breastfeeding is key

-Comfort for breastfeeding is essential.

-You need to be comfortable when breastfeeding, and you’ll want to make sure your clothes are loose enough so that they don’t constrict your movement or feel like they’re pressing against your body. If you’re wearing a button down top, it can be difficult to open while feeding your baby because of how tight it is around the chest area (this can also cause pain). Make sure any tops have an opening large enough for feeding purposes, concealed vertical zippers work well.

-Wear something comfortable and easy-to-move in: leggings with an elastic waistband or stretchy pants; soft fabrics like cotton should work best because they won’t create friction against sensitive skin areas such as nipples/breasts (although these fabrics may still be too tight if there’s too much fabric).

Maternity clothes are a great way to go. It’s important to buy comfortable clothes that will look good on you and fit well, which can be challenging for some women who have had children before.

Don’t buy clothing that is too tight or too big. Also, if something fits well at first but then starts losing its shape over time, then it will just make things worse when you try putting on another size down later on. Choose structured clothing.

The best maternity wear should be comfortable and look good on you, but it should also grow with you. So, next time shop from the comfort of your home and choose from the latest trends in maternity fashion at MomsJour.

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