Keep Calm: Daddy is here!

You are a hero to your super-mom-to-be! You just have to live up to it! 

Gone are the days when the moms would say “I am expecting” because partners now announce “We are expecting”- and this is true in every sense.  Pregnancy can still seem like it is all about the mother, but it is no less important for a father to be part of the experience. Of course, the physical aspects of pregnancy are experienced only by the mother, but there is much more to pregnancy than only the physical aspects. 

There is also emotional preparation that happens during pregnancy which is important for father to be part of. We know that it’s hard and stressful for dads to be and new dads to prepare themselves, identify and participate in tasks for spouse well being and child care, and we’re here to help! 

Although the roles and responsibilities between parents can change according to the dynamics of each couple, both parents are equally responsible during a pregnancy.

Here are some essential points to remember when your partner is pregnant: 

1.Learn & Understand: At times, just knowing and understanding what your partner is going through is a huge step, so educate yourself about the things that happen during pregnancy.

2.Be Sensitive: There will be mood swings, emotional struggle, pain, etc. and during this time, these shifts are natural, so learn to be patient when your partner goes through these changes.

3.Support Her: Pregnancy is a time of several ups and downs – during the journey that is her pregnancy, it is important that you encourage her and remind her that you are with her and that she need not worry.

4.Help her struggles with morning sickness: Morning sickness can be a painful experience, as a husband, you need to support your partner during this time by encouraging her, standing by her side, and making her feel comfortable.

5.Be Around for Her: Pregnant women are most often suggested to take ample rest and not strain themselves. It is important to make sure that you remain in constant touch – if possible, be with her till the 8th month of her pregnancy and take up responsibilities together.

6.Monitor Her Food and Water Intake: Make it your responsibility to know what your partner needs to consume to keep herself and her baby healthy.

Quick direct links to/ what can you do:

  • Buy a dress
  • Buy nutritional food
  • Prepare hospital bag
  • Baby care checklist
  • Plan a short trip- Babymoon
  • Visit Her Family
  • Talk about the support needed after baby
  • Pregnancy classes

 Well that’s not finished, its important even after delivery change

  • Diaper  change
  • You cant feed but can be with her
  • Provide help with making baby sleep
  • bottle feeding 
  • Just make her feel that we are in that together 
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