Week-by-Week Pregnancy Advice for Expecting Dads and Partners

Abstract: Pregnancy- The most beautiful phase in the life of a couple. It might startle you with how extensively things can occur on a weekly basis. Several of the transitions are apparent and some you might miss if one of the companions is unavailable. It is plenty of merriment to follow up along with what is occurring inside your partner so that you can together delight in observing this miracle unfolding. Not just a mom, but the dad also needs to be aware of a lot of things about pregnancy which are not taught to them from a young age, unlike women.


It is a very obvious fact that the pregnancy for both partners can’t be the same biologically, physically, or emotionally. The dad may not be going through all-day nausea, but they can definitely assist their partner by getting her an appeasing smoothie or shake. You will not be delivering, but you can be at her side, relaxing and comforting her along the course. There is a lot to do as a father too because they play an integral role in the baby’s maturing adventure. 

There are hundreds of distinct signs that a woman can encounter during incubation, and they are not pleasing at all such as- 

  • Radical tiredness
  • Discomforts and pains
  • Illness and nausea
  • Puffy hands and feet
  • Heartburn
  • Headaches 

So, both partners must remain calm and supportive, especially the dads-to-be. There are three trimesters in pregnancy in which both of you have to be cautious, enjoy the journey and trust the brands that care for your comfort and health. 


Each trimester has its development and illness but what keeps a woman going through all is the support of her partner, so be that supporting partner/dad and enjoy this phase of your life together with the right attitude.

Pregnancy lasts for three trimesters and each trimester is further subdivided into weeks. Let us understand and relate to some of the things that you can do to help your partner- 

1st TRIMESTER-  (1-12 weeks)

  • Week 1– This is proceeding to be the week of your partner’s last mensuration as she hasn’t conceived the infant yet. But since it plays a key role in determining the due date, it is an aspect of the 40-week incubation timeline. During this week nothing happens so take care of your partner as you do while she is on her period. 
  • Week 2– The conception occurs during this week. Even though you won’t have any genuine whiff that something miraculous is taking place and the gender and genetic traits of the child are already demarcated. You just need to be affectionate and caring towards your partner. 
  • Week 3– The infant moves from a single cell that is active in numerous cells. It will traverse through the reproductive system to discover its abode in the uterine wall and begin to grow inside the womb. All you can do is, make sure your partner feels comfortable and supported even though you might not have a clue about anything. 
  • Week 4– The small grain-sized baby grows into a certain shape and your tiny one’s digestive system will be developed and you may have an indication about the pregnancy. The first thing to do is, quit bad habits like smoking. 
  • Week 5– The central nervous system of the child develops and your partner might understand that she is pregnant, so enjoy this feeling. 
  • Week 6– In this week, the baby starts to discharge hormones that will prevent the woman from reaching her menstrual cycle and some uneasiness. You must calm her and understand her mood swings. 
  • Week 7– Now you can feel your child’s heartbeat and the infant also has an amniotic sac and placenta that provides oxygen and nutrition. Every vital organ your baby will develop so there might be some physical changes as well. Make her feel positive about her body. 
  • Week 8– The baby might appear more like a tadpole than a baby at this point, but it is because the spinal cord is extended than the body currently and its head is excessively enormous as well. Get your wife some nutrient-rich food options rather than feeding her adulterated food products. 
  • Week 9– The baby can move now, its liver starts producing blood cells, and sense organs start developing too. The Infant starts sucking his or her thumb. Your partner’s breasts are growing, but they’re also probably super tender. Don’t ask her to do heavy work. 
  • Week 10– Now you can feel the baby kicking inside the belly along with your partner. It is only a quarter of an ounce in poundage and is just over an inch extended. All of his or her organs are constructed and brain cells are diligent too. Speak with much consciousness as the baby can understand you. 
  • Week 11 & 12 – The infant is fully constructed and bones are developing. It is an inch and half long. The reflexes are beginning to create an effect as the baby starts moving its body parts. Keep your spouse safe and enlighten her with good food and a good mood. 

2nd TRIMESTER- (Week 13-26)

During this trimester, 

  • Week 13- In this week, the child’s fingers have their unique fingerprints, all of their organs have developed, and the head is bigger than the body. Be with your spouse for the maximum time you can be with her. 
  • Week 14– Even though you can’t catch a glimpse of the baby’s face, it begins to demonstrate expression. You can get a glimpse of your baby together during the sonography. Make sure that your partner eats healthy and nutritious food
  • Week 15, 16 & 17 – Lungs are currently constructing and the baby is about two and a half ounces in poundage. The advancement of the baby evolves very fast and now everything starts to change positions where they will be at birth. The spine is converting from cartilage to bone. The mood swings of your partner goes up, so keep your calm and enjoy this phase with delicious Panjiri, ladoos, etc. 
  • Week 18, 19 & 20– At this period your infant evolves noticeably more enthusiastically and your partner may begin to sense tiny flutters due to the body movement. The baby’s brain is now toiling over the duration and all the sensory parts are now completely in position. Via ultrasound, you can check the development of your child and provide your partner with good maternity wear clothes to feel comfortable and confident. 
  • Week 21– Now your darling wee one has eyelashes and eyebrows and you should begin to feel the flutters as they kick.  For baby girls, the vagina has started to form.
  • Week 22– Now your baby is now eleven inches long and weighs a pound and is starting to look like a newborn baby and is covered by a light fur called lanugo.  
  • Week 23– Your baby can now feel you move and is used to hear your voice and other noises that would have startled it previously. Bonding is already well on its way and when your baby is born, they will know your voice from hearing it even now.
  • Week 24, 25 & 26– When the baby is this geriatric, it is almost a foot long and weighs about a pound. Everything is coming to be more enunciated in its characteristics and beginning to suffice them out. The child hears sufficiently and quiet chats can be listened to. Your spouse’s belly gets bigger, apply some good brand lotion to avoid scratching. 

3rd TRIMESTER-  (Week 27-40)

  • Week 27- At this juncture, the sleep cycle of the baby and the mother is more patterned and there is action at particular duration of the day or night. It is very important to let your spouse get a good and sound sleep, so give her the turmeric booster in warm milk that helps to sleep peacefully. 
  • Week 28- The child starts to open and close its eyes and can see light satisfactorily that screens into the womb. Go for a nice walk with your partner and sip some coconut water. 
  • Week 29 & 30- You have entered into your third trimester and all elements of your baby’s body are maturing and building up. The baby proceeds with the growth so it is very important that right kind of food is being fed to both, the mother and the child like Saunth ladoo, Methi ladoo, etc. 
  • Week 31- The baby gets larger and evolving their senses. Right kind of nutrition and care is very crucial at third point of time. 
  • Week 32, 33, & 34- The infant actions are powerful and harmonized like thumb sucking, breathing. It is possible that their head is down as they schedule for delivery. Your baby’s immune system is heightened at this phase. 
  • Week 35- With a rapidly evolving brain, the  baby’s head begins to weigh more. Keep your partner in a much relaxed position and clothes from only reliable and genuine labels. 
  • Week 36- The lungs of the child are rapidly growing at this point, so its head is curled up in your pelvis, and birth at this point would be premature. If it happens, feed your partner with nutritious food like Panjiri to retain the energy and boost breast milk flow. 
  • Week 37, 38- The baby is suckled and gets ready for delivery. It might begin to stimulate surfactant, which is vital for those first whiffs outside the womb. Don’t panic and keep the environment in the delivery room light and merry. 
  • Week 39 & 40- This is officially the week of your anticipated date and the baby will come up when it is prepared. Some women intrinsically move into labor before this moment, while others take time. There is nothing to worry about, just keep your partner comfortable and boosted. 


Hold in intellect that all pregnancies are distinct and the partners need to plan out what they need, baby names, etc. beforehand. Make sure that the entire journey is pleasant and comfortable for both the partners with loads of good food from healthy stores. For further information, you must reach out to someone experienced or the gynecologist.

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