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How To Be Fashion Forward During Pregnancy?

Maternity fashion is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Pregnant women encounter multiple changes in their bodies, as well as a constantly expanding bump. Such changes bring in the chance to explore the options on how to dress in the new shape. It may be a time-consuming and exhausting effort to figure out what shapes and cuts look best on you or which outfit suits you best.

Here are some ‘basic of basics’ fashion ideas from our experts for any momma-to-be for elegant and comfy wearing!

1. Stretchy and Comfortable Fabric

Being comfortable is the most crucial thing during pregnancy. Regardless of the season, always choose a lightweight and breathable fabric. Cotton Lycra, Denim, Rayon, Georgette, and Linen are the most popular fabrics for pregnancy clothing. Hypoallergenic textiles, such as organic cotton, are advised for people with sensitive skin. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics, which can cause perspiration and discomfort or even rashes on your skin. Also, avoid anything with a lot of embroidery or sequins.

During pregnancy, your clothes expand to fit you. As a result, stretchy clothing is a wardrobe essential. Stretch fabric also promotes good circulation and freedom of movement. Those that are nicely mixed with cotton or spandex can be an excellent choice.

2. Purchase Maternity Clothes

Because you’re pregnant, there’s no excuse to wear your large, drab, ordinary clothes as your go-to attire.

It is understandable that during pregnancy, your body changes in shape and size. It may be easier to get standard clothes in a larger size, but a regular large top/kurta might get tight in the waist. When it comes to bottoms or pants, they may be too big in the leg and too tight in the waist. The reason for this is that the regular larger size clothes are not made for pregnant women in terms of comfort and style.

Wearing the right maternity dress does more than only accommodate your baby bump; it also keeps you feeling happy while performing daily activities. You’ll need at least a few pregnancy necessities not only to keep you comfortable but also to look attractive at the same time.

3. Purchase a Quality Pair of Maternity Pants or Maternity Jeans

Maternity pants are an absolute must-have. Throughout all three trimesters, you just need two or three different styles of maternity jeans or pants. There are numerous options accessible.

  1. A belly waistband might have an underside, a full belly panel, or a mid-belly.
  2. Length options include full-length, ankle-length, and cropped length.
  3. Skinny, straight, boot cut, flare, or trouser legs
  4. Office attire, casual wear, and yoga wear. Try with several options to get the best fit and style for you.

4. Purchase Maternity Tops

Pregnancy tops are both utilitarian and comfy. There are several alternatives to choose from, including maternity tops and tunics, pregnancy tees and tanks, and maternity Kurtis and kurtas. They’re made to fit and flatter you throughout your pregnancy and beyond. The majority of them are nursing-friendly, allowing patients simple breastfeeding access.

If you’re a corporate mama, try button-down shirts and pencil skirts—many pregnant ladies like A-line or empire waist blouses and dresses as their go-to attire. Keeping a few shrugs or coats on hand is also a good idea.

You should stock up on pregnancy clothing for evening wear, such as a maternity maxi dress. The loose fit keeps you comfy throughout. Furthermore, pregnancy dresses give you a feminine appearance.

5. Include patterns and colours.

Yes, you can wear patterns and stripes when pregnant; all you need to pay attention to is the size and comfy of your garment. Smaller designs and narrow stripes, on the other hand, have a visually slimming effect and provide moms-to-be a beautiful look.

There is a prevalent misconception that wearing black clothes helps you look thinner. The truth is that seeming slimmer is more dependent on the fit of the clothing than on the colour. So, don’t be scared to experiment with vibrant colours in your pregnancy outfit.

There are many additional brilliant colours available, such as white, orange, green, blue, and pink, to lift your spirits and keep you stress-free.

When it comes to improving a pregnant body shape, the cut of a garment is more important than the print or colour. If you’re worried about appearing too ‘out there,’ use prints in a deeper colour palette. Wear matching accessories to add a delightful splash of colour for a lot better look.

Most importantly, you must feel confident and at ease in whatever you are wearing. Remember that if you feel well, you will undoubtedly look fantastic.

6. Always wear accessories

Your pregnancy does not have to be a drab experience. Wearing the correct accessories, such as jewelry and scarf pieces, may bring a splash of colour to your ensemble. Show off your pregnant glow with a gorgeous lip colour or nail polish. However, avoid wearing a lot of make-up.

Changing up your accessories is a sure-fire technique to breathe new life into an old outfit. Mix and match your existing jewelry, footwear, scarves, and handbags to take your ensemble to the next level.

7. Learn How to Make Leggings Look Stylish

Maternity leggings are so comfortable that you’ll virtually live in them during your pregnancy. 

Leggings are quite adaptable and may be worn in a variety of ways. Wear your favourite pregnancy leggings with maternity tees, outerwear (especially a leather jacket), and comfy footwear such as sneakers, loafers, Over-the-Knee or ankle Boots, pumps, flats, and sandals.

8. Purchase Comfy Lingerie

Pregnancy alters the form of your body, but it also widens your hip area and breast size. Panties and underwear are specially created to support your bump and buttocks, and they will remain in place better than conventional ones. Some are specifically developed to address pregnant issues such as thigh chafing.

You can pick between over the bump and under the bump depending on your needs and desired level of comfort. Simply ensure that your new lingeries are ultra-soft, extremely comfy, highly flexible, and feels fantastic against your skin. Also, most importantly, you can also go for breastfeeding bras coupled with breast pads or nursing pads. Breastfeeding bras are made with soft fabric and offer good support to the breast and help keep nursing pads in place. 

10. Choose Activewear that is both stylish and comfortable.

Activewear is the most crucial thing to invest in during your pregnancy, especially when you are advised by your doctor to remain active (doing pre-natal exercises) throughout your pregnancy. So choose your activewear such as sweatpants as per the comfort, which is essential when you’re pregnant. Wearing activewear, on the other hand, does not necessarily imply that you will appear frumpy and uninteresting. There is now a wide selection of contemporary and attractive pregnancy sweatpants accessible.

11. Wear Stretchy T-Shirts

If you’re going to buy maternity clothes, look for styles that will highlight your increasing curves. Maternity t-shirts and tees are an excellent alternative for everyday wear. Wear pregnancy jeans, leggings, pants, shorts, or a light jacket.

12. Nursing dresses after delivery

The nursing dress is another great postpartum fashion necessity. They are sometimes ignored, yet they are very pleasant in hot weather. You want to wear something loose and cool but don’t want to spend your entire day in tank tops, t-shirts, and leggings.A well-designed nursing dress will make you look wonderful for breastfeeding 

If you want to get dressed and go for a walk but don’t want to change, a nursing dress will be comfortable at home, out on the street, and then back at home.

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