Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy – What to Eat or Not?

Abstract: Pregnancy is an enchanted period for every woman. She is blessed to have in her lifetime, to carry a soul within her by being pregnant. Pregnancy causes a woman to thrive to be a kind and adoring mama. This is a considerably endearing moment in a woman’s life, so it is exceedingly substantial to keep a tab on your diet during pregnancy.


Pregnancy is a very beautiful phenomenon and is not to be treated as some sort of disease as people think that a pregnant lady needs to sleep 24/7 and eat fruits only. This is not the case, there are so many things that you must learn if you are pregnant or want to help someone who is. A nourishing diet during pregnancy is not as tricky as it comes across. There is space for flexibility as outlying as the grade and portion of food devoured are concerned. The immune system changes during pregnancy which drives a woman sensitive to food-borne ailments and outcomes in severe medical situations.

Each trimester needs to be pre-planned with appetizing yet nutritional pregnancy food so that you are not vexed over food hankerings. Let’s us first discuss what all you can eat without any additional stress-

LadooLadoo’s like Saunth, Gond, Ajwain, all-in-one (with coconut, dry fruits, edible gum, carrom seeds, Poppy seeds, dates, etc. as the main ingredients), Besan, Chia seeds ladoo, Dhaniya ladoo, dates dry fruit Ladoo, Flaxseed, Haldi ladoo, Jeera ladoo, Methi ladoo, etc. 

All of these Ladoos are very rich in nutrition and good for a pregnant woman because they do not contain added preservatives or extra sugar. These Ladoos are good options especially when you feel weak and they prevent you from diseases. 

Turmeric Immunity BoosterTurmeric has been used for ages for the anti-inflammatory properties it holds. It is an exceptional basis for vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C which is why it keeps you healthy. A sip of warm turmeric milk blend is learned to cajole good sleep, annihilating the distress of pregnant women that restrains them from sound sleep. 

Masala Jaggery- Consuming Organic Jaggery/Masala Gur in temperance delivers crucial minerals and iron that can be healthful for both, the mother and the infant inside. This Masala Gur is free of adulteration and helps to prevent the mom from anemia. It aids to defy water retention due to its elevated potassium content as it supports the electrolyte balance in your body.

Panjiri- Have you heard about Panjiri for a long time? Well, this is because it is one of the safest food options for not just pregnant women but for everyone in general due to its various health benefits. Panjiri supports the discharge of breast milk and expels surplus fluid from the uterus and enables it to go back to its ordinary proportions. It is an incredible immunity promoter and allows one to quickly reload the missing immunity to combat ordinary maladies that one is vulnerable to post-childbirth.

Berries- Berries are promising in vitamins and mineral content like folate, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. You can culminate your cereals with berries or consume them fresh but always rinse them entirely before eating. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries, any assortment of berries is adequate for you.

Nuts & Dry fruits- Nuts and dry fruits, are prosperous in fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals and are a must-have in your diet. Although nuts are profitable for you and your baby’s wellness, consuming plenty of them will sum up your weight which may be complicated to chop down later. Also, do not include oil-fried nuts because they have harmful calories and lots of sodium. It is good to include them naturally forever.

What to Avoid During Pregnancy? 

Precisely as you need to comprehend what you should devour during incubation, you ought to also learn what you should not consume during pregnancy. There are quite a few things to avoid like- 

  • Papaya-  It is often advisable that the uncooked and semi-ripe papayas, being affluent in latex can induce uterine contractions and thereby, induce premature labor. So, it is better to have ripened papaya than a raw one. 
  • Caffeine – Pregnant women should dodge caffeine in their diet as it may usher to miscarriages, retardation, and development in babies. Also, caffeine decompresses the absorption of iron in your body which may lead to anemia.
  • Raw Meat– It is a scientifically proven fact that raw meat is very harmful to pregnant ladies because, besides possessing contagious bacteria, these might also encompass toxoplasma cysts. These cysts comprise the toxoplasma gondii parasite and may result in intense impairment to the fetus.
  • Street foods- You may be yearning for those sweet, sour, and spicy delights like Golgappe, Tikki, Hot-Dog, etc. These street foods are good in taste but they can augment the danger of ailments, abdomen pains, and food poisoning. They are dangerous because of impoverished nourishment and water hygiene norms. 

A decent diet is crucial during incubation as it incorporates the nutrition for the mother and the baby. You should understand what foods to dodge and the recommended quantities to assure your baby’s rightful transition, development, and safeness.

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