Choosing your Maternity PhotoShoot Dress

Choosing your Maternity PhotoShoot Dress

Maternity photoshoots are a beautiful way to capture the special moment of expecting a child. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, taking pictures to commemorate this time can be a meaningful and enjoyable experience. And that’s why most women schedule their pregnancy photoshoot between week 28 to week 32 of pregnancy. This is the right time when you can actually enjoy the process and not be too drained to even pose!

The most pertinent question when it comes to maternity photoshoots is

  • Choosing the photographer
  • Choosing the dress
  • Choosing the location
  • Choosing the props

Choosing the right Photographer

This can make or break your photoshoot. Ideally you want someone you are comfortable with. Photographers come with lots of ideas and it is best to take a look at their past work, look at their portfolios to understand whether this is a right fit for you.

Whether you want fun, quirky, natural, simple, exotic or OTT, there is someone for each option. So take your time, choose the right person for the job, discuss everything beforehand right to the minute details (you don’t want surprises on the shoot day) and leave it to them to do the rest.

Most mammas find that micro-managing the tiny details just adds to the stress. So once you have planned the nitty gritties, leave it to the professional to get the job done. And you just enjoy dolling up and doing the important job of posing and having fun!

Choosing the location

Location is an important factor considering the theme of your shoot. You ideally want to plan the shoot in a location which is accessible and which has all the basic amenities.

You don’t want to consider a far away location which, though beautiful, might be inaccessible for any emergencies.  Keep factors like accessibility, availability of basic amenities, emergency backup, contingency plans etc in mind while choosing the location.

The location of your photoshoot is also a big consideration when it comes to choosing your dress. If you’re shooting outdoors, a flowing, light dress that moves with the wind can create beautiful shots. If you’re shooting in a studio, a more structured dress may work better.

Choosing the dress

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One of the key elements to consider for a successful maternity photoshoot is the choice of the dress.

  • Comfort: Comfort is key during pregnancy, and it is especially important during a photoshoot. Look for a dress that is stretchy and made from a soft, breathable material. You don’t want to feel constricted or uncomfortable during your shoot.

    Emphasize your bump: The point of a maternity photoshoot is to capture the beauty of your pregnancy, so choose a dress that emphasizes your bump. A fitted dress that hugs your curves or a dress with a defined waistline that flows over your bump can be a good choice.

    Choose a style that suits you: Choose a dress that fits your personal style and makes you feel beautiful. Whether you prefer a flowy, bohemian look or a sleek, modern design, there are many options available that will suit your taste.

    Think about colors: Choose colors that complement your skin tone and the environment where the photoshoot will take place. Soft pastels, such as blush, pale blue, or mint green, are popular choices for maternity photoshoots. Bold colors like red, blue, and green can also create stunning results.

    Some popular styles of maternity dresses for photoshoots include:

    Maxi dresses: Flowy and comfortable, maxi dresses are a popular choice for maternity photoshoots. They can be paired with statement jewelry and are available in many colors and patterns.

    Bodycon dresses: Fitted and flattering, bodycon dresses are a great way to show off your bump. They come in a variety of styles, from basic cotton to elegant lace.

    Wrap dresses: Flattering and versatile, wrap dresses can be adjusted to fit your body as it changes throughout your pregnancy. They come in many different colors and styles.

    Off-shoulder dresses: Off-shoulder dresses are a romantic and elegant option for maternity photoshoots. They can be paired with statement earrings or a necklace to complete the look.

Choosing the Props

Accessories can add a touch of personality and interest to your photoshoot. A flower crown, a statement necklace, or a pair of earrings can add a unique touch to your look.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect maternity dress for your photoshoot can help make the experience even more memorable. Keep in mind your personal style, the location, the colors, and your comfort when choosing your dress. With the right dress, you’ll be sure to create stunning photos that you will cherish for years to come.


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