• Being a mom can be really hard sometimes, and for early parenthood can be downright overwhelming and exhausting. Studies reveal that if you want the best shot at having an optimistic approach to parenting, you need to build a network of support to help you through the difficulties, especially during pregnancy and early motherhood. Having the support of a community unlocks numerous skills and resources to make your life calmer if not easier as you navigate the motherhood journey. That, in turn, relieves some of your maternal emotional distress and allows you to look at situations with more optimism and a sense of connectedness with others that gives your effort even more purpose.
  • That’s where MomTribe is important – we’re creating a community of women you can share ajoys, frustrations with, learn & share life-changing hacks and facts & have endless honest, heart warming discussions.
  • Tap into our incredible community of moms who have experienced what you’re going through and share, care and bare it all!
  • Mom’s Jour aims at getting moms together- create groups and let you all be each other’s support system! Feel free to write and reach out to Momtribe:
  1. Ask any questions or
  2. Share advice and experiences in this pregnancy chat room exclusively for mamas
  3. Meet and Greet
  4. Have endless conversations on tips and tricks
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